Respecting the environment is an issue that should concern us all, public institutions, manufacturers and consumers alike. At SDT AIR, we are committed towards the environment and back the development of impellers that are increasingly more efficient.

In the last few months we have developed two new CCC and CCD impeller series with diffusors whose efficiency is increased in comparison to previous series.

Performance testing has been carried out on the impellers at the CETIAT facilities throughout the month of March. CETIAT is a well-respected laboratory for study, test and calibration that covers the fields of aerodynamics and fluid mechanics, heat and acoustic sciences that boasts AMCA certification approval.

The tests carried out in the laboratory have been performed to obtain simultaneous impeller air and sound performance.

The tests carried out have shown impellers with diffusors’ performance to be 4% more efficient than previous versions, and that they provide a better performance in regard to sound power levels.