CFD Series

Centrifugal backward curved impeller welded.

  • Type: Centrifugal backward curved impeller welded.
  • Diameter ranges: 280– 00 mm with different blade heights.8
  • Materials: Manufactured using carbon steel and aluminium.
  • Coupling: Coupling/assembly is carried out by taper-lock bushing cone block system.
  • Final finish: Powder coated, electro polish, zinc plating…
  • Inlets: The inlet compatible with impeller models CFD is BA-B in anyone of its configurations.
  • Motors: AC/EC de 50/60Hz
  • Applications: recommended both for scroll casing or plug fan applications
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Static efficiency up to

Maximum volume


Static pressure higher than



Static efficiency:hasta un 70%
Operational temperature: -20 ⁰C a 120 ⁰C
Maximum tangential speed:77,5 m/s
Maximum r.p.m. speed: 4.700 min¯¹
Maximum volume: 49.500 m³/h
Static pressure: superior a 2.800 Pa